Gina has been making people look great since 1988. She recently moved her business from Downtown Berkeley to Rockridge Oakland. Gina has a loyal clientele and they absolutely love her!

Here's what her client's have to say:

   Stacy W. (Oakland, CA)

" This review is for Gina. She has been cutting/trimming my hair for many, many years (over a decade) and always does the most thorough job and really knows Asian hair. She always makes sure my hair is straight both wet and dry and is always meticulous. I'm glad I was able to follow her from her previous salon to this new one. The shop owner is also fun and friendly.  =) "

   Karma P. (Oakland, CA)

" I finally found Gina who went missing after she quit her position at Lan Beauty Salon on university avenue. Gina has been cutting my hair for 10+ years and she is not only awesome at what she does but goes above and beyond to provide you the best customer experience she can. If you are looking for a hair dresser then she is definitely the right choice. Give her a try and I am positive Gina will become a part of your life too. Thank you Gina. "

   Allan C. (Berkeley, CA)

" I've been getting my haircut by Gina for at least six years now. She is fun, a great person and most importantly she is a great hair stylist. I followed her when she moved from University Ave in Berkeley, near my house to Oakland because she is so good. She always gives a great cut and will fix any issues I have if I change my mind a few days later. Gina throws in a quick scalp massage and trims my eyebrows, which I need now that I'm 50. You'll see when you get to 50. Really, Gina gives a high end cut, has cut my hair in a cool young style with a tight fade and when I've had it longer she does great layering so I always feel good about how my hair looks. You can't beat Gina's customer service and styling skills and her prices are more than a bargain. "

   Marc K. (El Cerrito, CA)

" I've been going to see Gina to get my haircut at Lan's Salon in Berkeley for over 15 years and was heartbroken to discover she'd left. Thank God I was fortunate enough to find her again. Gina is an artist, and like most artists, she undervalues her worth. Currently at, $17.00 for a haircut, rinse, and scalp massage (this is my favorite part), she is a steal (especially on College Ave where a haircut easily goes for double that). Try her out; you won't be disappointed and you'll have a stylist for life.Finding someone who makes you feel and look good is equal to finding a mechanic or doctor you can trust. "

   Wanwisa A. (Walnut Creek, CA)

" After almost 10 years of her wonderful haircuts I thought it was about time I better leave a rave review for my fabulous hair stylist Gina. Gina used to work at Lan Beauty Salon in Berkeley. But now she no longer works there. Gina recently started her new chapter at the Goldstar beauty lounge in Oakland. Soon i found out where she moved I followed Gina. I could not let anybody else touch my thick asian hair. Thank you Gina for giving me a great haircut every time. Whether it's cutting a lot if my hair or just give me a trim, Gina always does an Amazing job on my hair. Gina spends a lot of time on every single detail of my hair. I always get compliments from friends or even random people walking down street "where did you get your haircut?" I tell all if them about Gina. And now my wonderful 2 young boys get their hair cut with Gina, too. I highly recommend you to get a haircut with Gina. You will be very happy and satisfied with her great service. "

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